Crafting a compelling narrative that drives the guest experience has become a crucial way for hotels to distinguish themselves in the market, tapping into guest desires and behaviours, and engaging guests in a unique and immersive experience. 

Brand identity is taking an increasingly important role, and a core creative concept created from the outset can craft a deeper connection with guests. The essence of a hotel brand is communicated from first contact within the online experience, and is reinforced through the thoughtful curation of every touchpoint.

The hotel narrative, or brand story, may be led by the history of the building, origins of the hotel business itself, or the location or proximity to local attractions.

‘A hotel’s personality can shine through a multitude of sensory experiences within the hotel. These may include restaurants and bars that are aligned to the hotel’s brand identity, music playlists, art curation, signature fragrances and curated minibars.’

Offering additional amenities, such as free bicycle use, can further enhance the guest experience. 

Particular attention should be paid to messaging throughout the hotel, an engaging way to express its personality, values and culture. Such messaging can communicate warmth and humour, premium service or connection to the local environment, through way-finding signage or in-room messaging.

Give something for people to talk about, and they will.

‘A strong narrative reinforce the hotel’s personality at every opportunity. The invaluable publicity this achieves to a hotel’s reputation online and via word of mouth is an essential component to its ongoing success.’

Crafting a compelling narrative and brand story has become the first consideration for many hoteliers, and helps guides the architectural and interior design to go above and beyond aesthetic and comfort considerations.

We recently have been working with Juliet Ashworth and Rick Whalley from Chada on the re-brand of The Brentwood Hotel in Wellington, NZ. A visit to the hotel by The Rolling Stones in the 60’s has guided our brand story, creating a rich narrative to elevate the brand, architectural design and guest experience. 

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